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Back to School kicks mentoring into high gear!

inspire a new generation of learners

Now that we are being treated to a warm, wonderful September we are looking everywhere we can for adults to volunteer in school-based programs. Programs such as L.E.A.P. (learning is essential for all people) are fun, group, site-based programs where youth can work on curricular material or homework for an hour, and then have fun! Just 2 hours a week for the academic school year.

We also have the In-School Mentoring program opportunity open at BBBS Winnipeg. This program matches adults who have time during the day, with a child in Elementary school for one hour a week of fun activities on school property, during the school day. Perfect for employee supported mentoring - so ask your workplace if they will let you have a paid hour of mentoring time a week!

These programs have demonstrated outcomes of making children feel happier in school, leading to better academic performance and graduation rates.




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