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Marginalization, social isolation, and adversity, it’s hard to see it, but millions of young Canadians face it every day. Here at United Mentoring Network we know that when young people have a positive, supportive mentoring relationship, they’re happier, do better in school, and experience better mental health.


Find a mentor, be a mentor, join the network!


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During Covid-19 young people are more isolated than ever and the need for mentoring has only increased. Mental health issues are growing.


But virtual mentoring is available in your community.

Act now, to sign up to be a volunteer or to enroll for mentorship. 



About Us

The United Mentoring Network is Winnipeg’s newest resource for youth mentoring, brought to you by United Way Winnipeg. United Way’s Community Plan identified a goal of providing 1800 more kids with mentors. Research demonstrates that when children are provided safe and supportive relationships everybody benefits. Let’s pull together and be there for each other when it matters most. Whether you want to make a difference in the life of a young person, connect with a mentoring program right for you, or strengthen your program offerings by joining as a network partner, we can help. Find out more here!


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